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Dated: 01/20/2018

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Since 1957, Idaho Properties Real Estate had striven to be the best at helping clients achieve their dreams of home ownership, security, and peace of mind. Their values have continued to provide a solid foundation of strength and a tradition of trust. I have had the privilege of working under Idaho Properties Real Estate for many years, but a couple of years ago, I decided I wanted more for my agents and their clients.

In December of 2017 pleased to announce our new partnership with Realty One Group, the fastest growing real estate brand in the country. When I first met with the team here in the Boise area, I had no intention of joining the brand. I wanted to provide my team with the best resources and newest technology on the market, and I had started to investigate ways to achieve that goal. However, when I met with Realty One Group and learned the types of things they were already offering their client base, I was blown away. I felt as though everything they were providing for their agents was in alignment with what I wanted to achieve. Based on their size and momentum in the market, I knew I wouldn’t be able to match them alone.

Before, I was skeptical about Idaho Property’s future with Realty One Group. But after the meeting, I knew exactly what I wanted for the brokerage. Realty One Group, hands down, offers their agents better tools, access to education, culture, and marketing strategies than anyone else in the market. They enable their agents to serve their clients to the absolute best of their abilities, and their brand is structured remarkably well.

After the team investigated, researched, and visited the Realty One Group headquarters last summer, we all agreed that joining Realty One Group was the best choice for our agents and clients. Now that we are Realty One Professionals, we have achieved our goal to have the strongest offering in the market for agents and their clients.

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As Realty One Group Professionals, we have access to the latest technology. One of those programs, Skyslope, is a transaction tool that clients and agents can both use to calculate home buying and selling expenses. We also have access to Videolicious, which allows agents to create home tour videos quickly, right on their smartphones. All you have to do is film a tour of the house, edit, overlay a voice message, and select background music. Our agents also may use One University, which is online training available to all Realty One Group agents wanting to improve their skills and customer service.

Cube 8, which is a part of Realty One Group, is a committee focused solely on what is coming next in the real estate industry. They are constantly researching and testing the newest tools and marketing strategies. When they find a successful tool, they quickly roll it out to their agents. If our agents have consistent access to the best tools out there, we believe they will provide better service to their clients.

With this new brand, you can expect the best service in the industry — whether you’re a buyer or seller — from agents who are well trained and dedicated to your success. You can also expect more access to and attention from your agent. They can now use the best tools and technology on the market, which means they can spend less time worrying about paperwork, and more time on their people. Rest easy knowing your agents will do a top-notch job.

We are so excited to see where this new year and new brand take us. See you soon!

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