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As Paul McCartney sings, “Some people want to fill the world with silly love songs.” Well, this is certainly true around Valentine’s Day. Whether you’ve celebrated your 50th wedding anniversary or you’re still looking for your one and only, there’s something about Valentine’s Day that turns everyone into hopeless romantics. However, real love is something that takes more than a love song, silly or not. Instead of a box of chocolates, we’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with some solid advice for building and strengthening lasting relationships.

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Conversation Starters: Questions To Learn More About Your Significant Other

Communication is key to any relationship, but after some time, it can be easy to fall into the routine of “How was work?” and “What do you want for dinner?” Open the door to more meaningful conversations with these simple, but fun, questions. You’re sure to learn something new about your partner and your relationship. Start with a classic: What’s your favorite color?

Learn Your Love Language & What It Means For Your Relationship

How can your partner make you feel loved? Do you appreciate a surprise gift? Perhaps you value an evening spent together? On the other hand, what can you do to make your partner feel loved? This is the foundation of Gary Chapman’s “5 Love Languages,” a resource that helps couples determine the best way to communicate with each other. Take this brief quiz to learn which love language is important to you.

Overcoming The Most Damaging Beliefs About Relationships

On Amazon, you can find over 260,000 books categorized under “relationship help.” Clearly, there are a lot of different opinions about how to have a great relationship, but what exactly are the mistakes people make that call for thousands of self-help books? When you look at the heart of the matter, it becomes clear most couples are making the same mistakes again and again. Psychologist and couples therapist Dr. Debra Campbell shared the most widely held misconceptions that destroy relationships and how you can keep them out of your love life.

Take A Break: Valentine’s Day At Big Cat Rescue

Big Cat Rescue is a sanctuary dedicated to the rescue and preservation of exotic big cats, providing healthy environments for them to live in. As this delightful video shows, whether small and cuddly or large and feisty, our furry friends all need a little love.

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